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What else do we produce?


Elettrocasteco-Polonia has a modern, specialized machinery allowing to manufacture: transformers, coils, ventilation units or blowers. They are available on the European market for many years having a favorable reputation among users.

Air blowers

Blowers and fans
  • In the central heating boilers, the most important factor affecting the combustion process is an oxygen flow. The blower should therefore be selected according to the type of fuel, boiler size and desired power of blower. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our blowers and ventilation units offer. Feel free to ask us a question here

Transformers components

Transformers and coils
  • Transformers as components of the electrical systems are significant factor affecting their performance. Appropriately selected transformer allows you to take the full advantage of your device. Transformers are selected based on a few several key factors such as: voltage, power, and the current consumption. Do not hesitate to ask us about our offer here

Blowers - gallery

Windings of the transformers- gallery

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