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News and curiosities

News and curiosities


This site is dedicated to the latest information on Elettrocasteco and curiosiries from the World of electrical engineering. There is also a glossary which contains the list of electrotechnical therms

Did you know, that... ?

barlow's wheel

 The World's first prototype of the electric motor was made in 1822 by Philip Barlow. This was a consequence of numerous studies and experiments of Dane- Christian Orested who as the first noticed and studied the phenomenon of ,,tilting" magnetic needle placed near the wire, current flows through. This became basis of many experiments

Tesla Transformer is a transformer generating extremely high- millions of volts voltage. Its uniqueness is not based on the mode of action, but the incredible visual effects, used during different performances. Because of the unusually high voltage, people with any heart defects shouldn't be exposed to the action of the transformer

Stanford University scientist are working on the groundbreaking project of creating batteries based on aluminum. Charging takes a few seconds and their lifetime is several times longer than the currently used batteries. The only problem is voltage, which is half of the lithium-ion batteries performances, but engineers ensure removal of that obstacle and replacement of worn out lithium batteries

New product of Elettrocasteco is already in the testing phase. We are currently working on the project of the new motor. Details coming soon ...

AC vs DC motors. How do they differ?

ac vs dc motors

Functions of both are exactly the same: converting electrical energy into mechanical




AC - alternate current

  • Control motor speed by changing the frequency of the electrical supply to the motor
  • Lower power demand on start
  • Adjustable torque


DC - direct current

  •  The motor speed directly proportional to the voltage applied to the armature.
  • Speed control over a wide range
  • Quick starting, stopping, reversing
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