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Induction Coils

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The Glossary of Electrical Terms


Induction Coil

induction coil

 The induction coil is a component made of conductive material. It allows you to focus the magnetic field energy that has been created thanks to the current flowing through the coil. There are coils of different geometry what affect their properties. In our photo gallery you can find the pictures of various kinds of coils

Shaded pole motor

shaded pole motor

Shaded pole motor (Induction motor) –  an electric machine, whose mission is to transform electrical energy into mechanical. Rotor (moving part) turns slipping relative to the created by stator windings (stationary part) rotating magnetic field. There are the extensive galleries of shaded pole motors



Transformer- an electrical device whose function is to transmit electricity (AC) ,through the electromagnetic induction, between the electrical circuits without changing the frequency. In the most of the cases the voltage is changed. It consists of a steel core and windings (coils). See more transformers



Rotor - an electric motor component , which rotates about a fixed axis. It is powered using the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Thanks to its shape and electric charge it repulses the stator windings what keeps it running.



Insultation - the way of separation the two adjacent curcuits, elements etc. In order to prevent the interaction. It's widely used in electronics and electrical engineering. Motor windings insultation is featured by one of the letters from A to F, which determines the maximum allowable operating temperature.



Stator- a set (system) of fixed parts of the machine, placed around the rotor which rotates about a fixed axis. It's usually used in motors, generators, blowers, pumps and so on. It's normally equipped with the inductive elements which interacting with the rotor - make it work.


magnet is a material or object producing a magnetic field. This magnetic field is responsible for the most notable property of a magnet: a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, and attracts or repels other magnets.

Thermal fuse

Thermal fuse– kind of electric fuse, dissconecting circut due to increased ambient temperature. It is used to protect the circuit from damage caused by excessive heat.

Wireframe of coil


Wireframe of coil is the body on which the coil is wound. It's made of electrical insulating materials. In the photo You can see the one we use for our motors. Wireframes vary in shapes. See more here



The winding is a part of the magnetic circuit. Its task is to produce magnetic flux. The major part of windings have the form of a coil, or several connected coils. The number of coil turns is important here.



Winder is a machine winding a coil on a core which is using in production of electric motors. Winders of different companies differs by parameters like: ability to provide the minimal waste of material or quantity of maximal number of bearings winded simultaneously.

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